In order to supply finished products with zero foreign substance risk and full protection against external factors, we have created a clean room environment with HACCP and BRCGS-PM warranted preventive procedures, high level quality precautions and latest technology where both the production and quality staff are especially trained for the purpose.

In our fully integrated facilities which are equipped with an extrusion machine, a clean room environment with special air pressure, stainless steel equipments,  ultrasonical and heat cutting devices, metal detection equipments and cover  an in-house test laboratory, R&D  departments and  UN and electrostatical energy testing units, we provide unique packaging solutions which answer to the technical and regulatory conditions of the pharma industry and comply with the binding regulations. We also provide special multi layered barrier liners for pharma products.

Pharma products such as baby formulas and pharmaceutical intermediates  are among the most sensitive products which in extension to their production circumstances require safe, %100 risk and contamination free storage and transportation conditions.  




Solution offers : 

  • 4 loop big bags 
  • Liners specially designed for different purposes


 Some pharmaceutical products packed in big bags :

  • Baby formulas
  • Active pharma components
  • Benzethonium chloride
  • Pentaerythritol
  • Medicinal clay
  • Sulphapyridine waste
  • Moisture absorbent raw materials
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