Minerals and Feed

Minerals and Feed

Big bags are commonly and widely used  for the storage and transportation  of minerals and feeds. While manufacturing our big bags and small pp sacks for these industries, we care for the  cost effectiveness which is as essential  for the user as the handling and usefulness of the big bag. 

In our fully integrated facilities which are equipped with an extrusion machine, ultrasonical and heat cutting devices, metal detection equipments and cover  an in-house test laboratory, R&D  departments and  UN and electrostatical energy testing units, we provide unique packaging solutions which answer to the technical and regulatory conditions of the mineral and feed industry and comply with the binding regulations.


Solution offers :  

  • 4 loop big bags
  • 1 loop big bags 
  • Liners specially designed for different purposes


Some minerals and feed packed in big bags:

  •  Mono phosphate
  •  Dicalsium phosphate
  •  Calcit 
  •  Fish feed 
  •  Aggregateted Clay
  •  Bauxite
  •  Bentonite
  •  Ceramics
  •  Cement 
  •  Magnetite
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