Cesur philosophy

Cesur philosophy

We always aim for the best quality and full customer satisfaction and believe that our employees are as essential to this objective as the constructive critiques we receive from our customers and the constant support we get from objective audit companies.   

In order to assure permanance in quality we carry our detailed product tests in our in-house laboratory and keep a close watch on the up-to-date industrial standarts.


Incoming quality control: We are aware that we can assure customer satisfaction with constant quality of our products only if the incoming goods are right and conform to the requirements. This is why we seek perfect conformity to industrial standards and product specifications during incoming quality control. UV (ISO 21898:2005), breakdown voltage (IEC 61340-4-4 Ed2), conductivity (IEC 61340-4-4 Ed2), mechanical control (ISO 13934-1) tests are among the tests carried out at this stage.


Process Control:  For a sustainable quality of the finished product the quality of the incoming material is not enough. Quality methods applied throughout the production process are as essential.  In Cesur, in order to assure full customer satisfaction, uninterrupted quality control is applied on all production stages by our experienced quality staff and full traceability is assured for each product.


Conformity with International Regulations: It is our priority that all items that we use are food approved (Framework regulation EC No 1935/2004, materials and articles intended for food contact EC No 2023/2006, plastic materials intended for food contact EU 10/2011 and amendmends), recyclable and in full conformity with the nature.  Through our memberships to related establishments we follow all international regulations closely and adapt to modifications in no time. Please ask about our conformity to regulations.

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