Test laboratories

Test laboratories






















Our in house test laboratory, we test not only the finished bigbags but also the components produced in our
vertically integrated production facility.To be allowed in the bigbag assembly  process each item
(yarn, loop, fabric, coating, PE liner etc.)  must survive a certain performance test and answer certain criteria.

The finished bigbags are then tested according to their specifications and requirements of .
the related class, such as UN, Type C, Type D etc.





At our in house test laboratories we test & control every step of our production :

- Yarn tensile & elongation test
- Fabric tensile & elongation test
- Accelarated UV test
- Coating performance test
- Sifting test
- Cyclic top lift and load to failure test
- Tear test
- Topple test
- Drop test
- Stacking test
- Breakdown voltage test
- Grounding test




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