Developing countries and countries and producers who struggle with economical difficulties should put an end to waste extravagance in order to obtain maximum profit from natural sources and should return the wastes of economical value to production via recyling.

In Turkey besides public institutions involved in the matter TÜDAM (Evaluable Waste Materials Industry Association) and internationally Bureau of International Rycling are the two main establishments who work for recycling.

In additon, UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) is another institution who highlight the importance of the subject and provide information and documents. Further more European Parliament and European Council emphasize that recycling is a significant part of recovery in order to reduce waste excess and promote the necessity of energy saving and primary raw material consumption with a enviromental friendly approach.    

Production wastes such as PP, LDPE are recovered in our in-house recycling facility but are never used in our own production and are sold to masterbatch producers, injectioners and producers of low quality yarn for different usage areas. While doing our part in environmental protection we also gain economically with the process.







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