Clean Room

Clean Room

Our bigbags which are used in pharma industry are produced in the Clean Room. We respect the sensitivity of the pharma products and never cease to invest in the improvement of the technology, capacity, quality and human resources of our Clean Room production.

With special air filters, high end technology to stabilize the temperature at a given degree, Epoxy flooring resistant to water, acids, alkali and likes, staff specially trained for hygiene and clean room applications and special air pressurized cleaning technology which eliminate the contamination risk, Cesur Packaging is the leader in clean room production and the main supplier to greatest pharma and food producers around the world. 

Clean Room Technology :

  • Controlled filtered air circulation
  • Ultrasonical cutting
  • Stainless steele equipment
  • Antibacterial door and walls
  • Unbreakable glass and lamps
  • Controlled usage of needles and metallic items
  • Pest control
  • Impact resistant reinforced floor
  • Vacuum control
  • Metal detector control
  • HACCP and BRCGS-PM warranted production

The Clean Room Staff undergo constant training programmes which aim to raise awareness on customers and industries served and the sensibility of the clean room production. Strict procedures are never compromised in order to supply top quality products.

Advantages :

  • %100 conformity to international food and pharma regulations.
  • Packaging which prevents the undesired foreign substance risk and assures protection against external factors and odours.
  • Preventive cleaning procedures against undesired foreign substance risk.
  • High level food and pharma product safety.
  • Products with international safety certificates