1 & 2 Loop FIBCs ( Bigbag )

Cost-benefit wise 1 &2 Loop bigbags are the most advantageous bigbag types. While the simple construction facilitates the usage, various fabric widths permit a wide volume range. Its unique design provides the maximum loading capacity at a minimal cost and consequently assures advantages in freight cost as well. This type can be designed both for non-hazardous goods described in EN ISO 21898 and hazardous goods classified as UN.

Depending on the handling process, the bigbag can be manufactured either with 1 or 2 lifting loops, with coated or uncoated fabric and with or without liner. The liners can be attached to the outer body in different ways depending on the requirements.

Some advantages:

  • Printing options up to 7 colors
  • PE liner design with an air release channel appropriate for pressurized and rapid filling
  • Special designs appropriate for automatical filling machines (Bags on roll)
  • Production with 100% waterproof liners
  • Bigbags with PP liners which allow easy recycling


Construction Options:

  • open top, inner liner
  • top panel with filling spout
  • filling spout sewn to the slit
  • star base
  • single base
  • square or rectangular base
  • square or rectangular base with a discharge spout


  • Fertilizer, animal food and other agricultural materials
  • Cement, various minerals and sand
  • Salt


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